Car interior cleaning and repairs

When making a repair to car interiors, we want to minimise the cost of replacing entire items like seats or steering wheels. Overtime, car interiors will have to cope with lots use by the occupants, from adults to chidren they have to endure a lot. Leather Upholstery Repair provides premium-quality leather car interior repair services that are super affordable.

Fading or cracking seats, damaged dashboards and door trims along with worn steering wheels, scratched rear compartment trims and worn or cracked vinyl sides to seats. These are all common areas in need of repair, It is worth a phone call to see if your trim can be repaired before you look to replace it with leather car seat repair services.

We’ve had many years of experience successfully repairing damages to automotive leather from cuts, rips, burns, scrapes, scratches, ink and stitching problems You can also get car upholstery repair and upgrade your travel standards.  

We thrive in achieving successful repairs that are permanent, making sure your leather lasts longer for you to enjoy, and helping to maintain good re-sale value of your car. Our experience in the field and knowledge of leather helps us provide you with the finest repair materials which provide amazing results you will love.



Leather Car Seat Restoration 

Leather Upholstery Repair offers high-quality leather car seat restoration at the lowest prices. We upgrade the quality of your existing leather car seats, without making any cosmetic changes to the existing design. We can overhaul the design if you want.  

We provide repair for car interior leather so that all the after-effects of damages can be removed. This includes the leather used on the steering wheel as well as that used on the seats. The affected leather can also be recoloured and smoothened with the right amount of moisture.  

Our car upholstery repair services are the best in the market. Contact us now for more information about our packages and arrange a visit today! 

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