Leather Upholstery Repairs offers leather sofa colour change services to completely change the look of your sofa. We transform the look of your leather couches and are capable of providing you with any colour you desire. We create a permanent finish with desired colours, that outlasts the life of the original sofa colour as well.  

Leather sofa colour change also helps cover various types of damages that your sofa suffers over a long period of time. There might be damage due to pain, ink or oil leakage, or burns. Changing the sofa colour is a great idea to give your room a fresh look. 

Leather Upholstery Repair’s leather sofa colour change service involves pigmentation of the surface with a thick coat that the leather can absorb. The colour of your sofa can be transformed into black, white, green, blue or any other colour. We also provide you with several shades of each colour, so that your sofa or couch looks exclusive and not common.  

Some of the features of Leather Upholstery Repair’s leather colour change services are:  

  • A clear top coating with satin, matte or glossy finish. We touch up your sofa and also work on full sofa colouration from scratch.  
  • We provide customised leather sofa colour change services. We visit the client’s site and mix up the dye to produce the required colour. We provide services on-site and transport the sofa to our facility if needed.  
  • As a part of a leather colour change, we restore the colour of materials that have been lost due to fading, staining and damage to the leather surface.  
  • Our leather colour change service involves providing cool, designer colours that are highly contemporary and vibrant. 

During a leather colour change, our experts take all necessary precautions to maintain the quality of your sofas and leather couches. We provide excellent customer care and also help you with tips and suggestions to care for your sofa. We also provide pick up and drop off services in case we need to take your leather couch to our facility.  

We do not use fumes or any hazardous material as part of our leather sofa colour change service. If the service takes place at your office or residence, we ensure there is no waste or spilling due to dyeing. We clean the site before leaving as well.  

Besides a leather sofa colour change service, we also provide colour change for many other types of products and accessories. Here are some of the leather items and settings Leather Upholstery Repair provides colouring services for:   

  • Leather colour change for cars and automobiles 
  • Leather of other furniture, such as chairs and recliners.  
  • Leather of shoes and accessories.  
  • Leather used in gyms and sportswear.  
  • Leather colour change for horse saddles and motorcycle saddle bags. 
  • Leather used in jackets and hand bags.  
  • Leather used in boats, ships and cruises.   
  • Leather colour change for auditoriums and theatre seats.  

Leather Upholstery Repair provides cost-effective services with minimum turnaround time. For high-quality leather sofa colour change services, contact our team now and arrange a visit. 


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