Leather Upholstery Repair has a highly-skilled team of leather sofa cleaners. Our experienced and well-trained personnel are capable of removing dust, tough drink stains, sweat, dirt and food stains. No matter how badly you might have treated your leather sofa, we ensure it looks as good as new after providing our service.  

We provide leather cleaning in Melbourne using the best techniques and latest tools. Our services are premium quality, and we follow all safety protocols. Be it dusting, washing, dry-cleaning or chemical-based cleaning – we follow the technique that suits your problem the best.  

Leather Upholstery Repair uses high-quality cleaning products for leather cleaning services. This includes leather cleaner, leather conditioner, polish, brush, dry-cleaner, sprays, microfibre cloth and other-leather specific cleaning products. Using non-cleaning-specific products can actually damage your leather sofa, and such a practice should be avoided at all costs. 

Our leather sofa cleaners make sure that the exterior coating does not break down. We work on the leather’s finishing to give your sofa a long life and delay any potential deterioration. We renew the finish of your sofa with our leather cleaning services 

Our leather sofa cleaners also provide you with helpful tips and suggestions for best results in the future. Once we provide our services, you would need to clean your sofa regularly to prevent dust and stains from setting in.  

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     Our leather cleaning services in Melbourne help add moisture back into your leather. Good leather always has a good amount of moisture, and you need to prevent this moisture from dying out. Leather Upholstery Repair also maintains the required pH level of your sofa’s leather, so that your couch stays in the best shape possible.  

    Leather Upholstery Repair’s leather cleaning services are really cost-effective, so that you can opt for them more frequently. We offer our services at the most reasonable rates available in the market, and offer customised packages depending on your requirement and the scale of your furniture.  

    We also offer leather cleaning in Melbourne for automobiles. We clean leather parts of your car, such as the steering wheel and seats, providing an extremely attractive finish. Leather Upholstery Repairs also offers leather cleaning services for large automobiles such as trucks and buses.  

    We visit your site for sofa cleaning, and also take required stuff to our facility. We pick up and drop your leather sofa to avoid any wastage of time on your side. Our leather sofa cleaners are well-trained and have the solution to all your problems. So, feel free to clarify all your doubts and enjoy the experience of living with a clean leather sofa.  

    Get in touch with Leather Upholstery Repairs’ team of experts for the best leather cleaning experience in Melbourne. Our customer service experts are always there to assist you, and will also let you know about the latest discounts and offers for you. Our turnaround time is also very low, as we have a good number of staff to serve our customers. Contact us now, and get a visit arranged as soon as possible.